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07/09/2021 : I decided to stop the english version of my blog. All the contents already translated stay available. If you are really interested by one article you can contact me. But Google translations are more and more pertinent. Thank you ! 

30/05/2021 : Primeurs 2020 : 115 wines from the Médoc area are now online  ! 

28/05/2021 : Primeurs 2020. 39 wines from Pauillac added !

26/05/2021 : Primeurs 2020 : 19 wines from the  Saint-Julien appellation 

24/05/2021 : Primeurs 2020. 39 wines from Margaux appellation, click-here !  

23/05/2021 : Primeurs 2020 : All my tasting notes about the Saint-Estèphe appellation are now online. Just by clicking-here (only in French).

22/05/2021 : Primeurs 2020 ! All my notes are going to be available soon. Click-here ! 

15/05/2021 : 49 tastting notes (only in french)  for wines from the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux appellation available here. 

14/05/2021 : Article about the 2021 E-Trophée 2021 of wines from the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux appellation.

03/05/2021 : It’s done with 2018 Tasting notes about 2018 with Margaux appellation plus some other wines from Médoc and Pessac-léognan. 

11/04/2021 : Tasting notes about 2018 Saint-Julien Grands Crus Classés are available ! 

08/04/2021 : Tasting notes about 2018 Pauillac Grands Crus Classés are online !

03/04/2021 : +50 notes of 2018 Bordeaux : focused on wines from Derenoncourt consulting. 

27/03/2021 : +32 tasting notes about 2018 on Bordeaux : focus on Sauternes and Pomerol !

13/03/2021 : + 50 notes of 2018 Bordeaux : focus on Saint-Emilion Grands Crus Classés ! Dont forget to be registred for and access of my tasting notesand to have the right to share my comments. 

09/03/2021 : Enjoy my 2021 edition of the Sweet February ! Let’s enjoy some sweet wines ! 

03/03/2021 : New dates for  the WSET formations

01/03/2021 : +  50 notes added of 2018 Bordeaux wines. 

26/02/2021 : New article about the Sharing Week organised with the ESG Business school

21/02/2021 : ONLY IN FRENCH. Find my notes about the  2018 of Bordeaux ! For my memberships fou can also find my tasting notes. Almost 200 wines !  Many other notes will come in the previous days to complete these pages. Stay connected !

20/01/2021 : Congratulation to the Ona Restaurant, first Vegan restaurant of the world and based near to Bordeaux (Bassin d’Arcachon) ! Memories of a lunch in 2019.

17/01/2021 : Mes best wishes for 2021 ! New article : Discovering Ampelidae from the Loire Valley Region.

27/12/2020: Last article about wine influencers : 10 good practices to grow your engagement rate !

29/11/2020 : According to the success of my precedent article, I wrote an article about the 10 errors to avoid on Instagram ! 

11/17/2020 : An engaged article about fake wine Influencers ! 

11/06/2020 : The devoted page of the Crus Artisans from the Médoc area (left bank of Bordeaux, is online. A very interesting classification that needs to be highlighted ! 

11/04/2020 : New dates of the WSET courses  on Bordeaux (only French version).

10/29/2020 : In mémory of Mr Bernard Lartigue, owner of Château Mayne-Lalande, Listrac appellation, I repost an article about a vertical tasting that I had the chance to do few months ago.  My condolences to all his family and friends. 

10/22/2020 : All my selections about 2019 Bordeaux en Primeurs are available on this article ! You will find my Top 15, my Top 10 Sauternes and 15 other incredible wines. If you want to know more about theses wines, do not hesitate to subscribe to my blog (but careful theses comments are only in French).

10/18/2020 : En Primeurs 2019 file is online + creation of a member section (contents are only in french)

09/23/2020 : Back on the 2019 vintage on Bordeaux ! 

09/17/2020 : New dedicated section to the Médoc Crus Bourgeois classification.

08/15/2020 : New article about a dinner on Saint-Emilion at Château-Bellefont Belcier ! 

08/04/2020 : New articles about the different levels of the WSET

07/23/2020 : Création of a new page about the wine formation : The WSET

06/07/2020 : The page of the Graves Grands Crus Classés is online. 

05/24/2020 : I am working on the english version, more than 100 articles to convert for this version, so my blog can be change by moments. I hope to end this quickly. 

05/22/2020 : The dedicated page of  Saint-Emilion Grands Crus Classés is available

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