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Restaurant : La Table du Marensin

This post is about the inauguration of a beautiful restaurant : La Table du Marensin. Located at Uza on the Landes area, which is 01h30 from Bordeaux by car, this is the property of the Lur-Saluces family, the old owners of the mythic Château Yquem, and owner of one of my favorite wine: Château de Fargues. 

The story of Sauternes about the Lur-Saluces family is well known but another part of the story is at Uza which is a little village in the Landes region and not directly linked with wines. If you want to read more about that, this link is really interesting ( it is written in French). 

Producing one of the best Sauternes is not only the will of the family, they also produce excellent asparagus, bio labeled, who are produced at Uza. They have a mondial reputation ! 

The restaurant « La Table du Marensin » has a very intimate atmosphere, near to a little lake. They opened the June 27, 2019. Near to the restaurant you will find a gastronomic shop, called « La Forge ». « La Forge » is a nice place where is possible to buy very good products, linked with the Terroir.  A great place for gastronomic lovers ! (Link of this shop here). 

The food pairing and especially the pairing between asparagus and Sauternes is the signature of the family. I had the chance to taste this wine pairing between Château de Fargues and asparagus from Domaine d’Uza several time and I can certify that it works. To be honest it is more than it works, it is marvelous ! 

I went to the inauguration of the restaurant, I wish I will come very soon to taste the plates of « La Table du Marensin », I want to speak more for you, about the restaurant, the plates and the chiefs who are Benjamin TOUSLE and Johan LAVAL.

The goal is to create a gastronomic table, but not expensive, playing and creating great wine pairing (there is not only Sauternes ! ). But it is not only the will of the family. They also want to preserve the nature of the place and they are great contributor of work. In this region it is very rare, so it is a great opportunity for the locals. Nice concept don’t you ?  

I wish you also will come, that is a thing to support the cause, and at the same time enjoy a nice moment in a beautiful place. Let the natural beauty of the Landes  region inspires your mind ! 


Thank you to the Lur-Saluces family and all the staff of Château de Fargues for this very nice invitation. Thank you to all the staff of the restaurant and good work ! 


Contact informations of La Table du Marensin

La Table du Marensin, 115 Rue de Castets. 40170 UZA 

Réservations: +33 (0)9 70 22 90 21 

Mail : 

Official website : Cliquez ici/click here 

Illustration par Château de Fargues

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