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Artistic event of Arnaud FAUGAS in the house of the Bordeaux négociant Salin: Grands Crus Classés exhibition.

Memories of a beautiful evening organized by the Bordeaux négociant: « Maison Salin ». 

Salin is a historic négociant of « la place de Bordeaux », the house having been created in 1798.

This event highlighted a Bordeaux artist: Arnaud FAUGAS who produced some fifty paintings representing many of Bordeaux’s classified wines (if not all!).

For the occasion an artistic gallery was improvised in the Chais of Salin.The paintings were not exposed on walls but on pallets of wines.We can salute the consistency with the theme! 

 walked around the Chais, bicycles are available to go around it because the warehouse is so huge. Millions of bottles are stored there.

Selection of Arnaud Faugas' masterpieces : Grands Crus Classés

The following is my favorite piece of art. It is the painting of Château Fieuzal (Pessac-Leognan appellation). 

Château Fieuzal Arnaud Faugas- Maison Salin

I like very much this painting because it immediately took me to this distant universe, where everything seems floating. Only one thing seems to have an interest: the special connection between these two people. Like a common dream  where nothing else matters. 

This is rather good because Château Fieuzal is a very good reference of the appellation Pessac-Leognan, both red and white wines. From vintage to vintage this regularity is impressive and this wine continues to transport us in the special dimension of « wine lovers ».

 I will also remember from this evening the tasting of the magnificent 2009 of Château Malescot-Saint-Exupéry, appellation Margaux, one of my favorite Margaux wines! Perfectly opened during this event but with still a lot of things to express. 

A very beautiful event where to be honest the desire to remain locked up a few days in these amazing Chais touched my mind.
Thanks to Maison Salin for this nice event, the artist Arnaud Faugas and to Bee Bordeaux. 


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