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My name is Xavier LACOMBE. I’m from the 1986 vintage! I was born in Bordeaux, and I live in the Pessac-Léognan appellation. Wine has always been present  in my life as a background, but I needed the click to get more interested in it.

The click came during some public wine tastings. I discovered a few properties like Château Sociando-Mallet, Château Haut-Bergey, Les Haldes de Luchey, Les Charmes de Kirwan…  They are not the most famous names of Bordeaux, but they were the start of my passion. It was also the start point of a lot of interrogations : How is it possible for a wine to have this taste ? Such differences? And what’s the limit?

Trying to answer my questions I have decided to go on a lot of events and I discovered other incredible wines like Château Palmer, Château Malartic-Lagravière, Château Guiraud, La Conseillante, Château Ausone … The list is long and with time, it got longer. I have also discovered wines around the world: Italy, New-Zealand, Chili… I have been really impressed by many wines, according to their aromatic complexity, their deepness. And also with their charm… Yes it’s possible to get a crush for a wine! Now I’m searching for other incredible wines all over the world. I want to discover and to understand them. I’m really passionate about that and when an opportunity comes my way, I run towards it!

Wine has changed my life, and also my professional life because I have decided to do a vocational retraining in this sector. To work with passion,  that sounds good, doesn’t it ? But that’s a whole other story!

Through my blog, I want to share good places and good wines but the most important thing is to share my passion about wine and gastronomy. Because wine is not a simple liquid, it’s also a special component to meet people and to share with them. Moreover, other aspects exist around the wine: it’s a part of the cultural history, an expression of the terroir, but also the expression of the sensitivity reflect of each person working to make this wine. And it’s this global aspect that I look for into a wine: an emotion, the act of sharing, this richness!

My goal is to share with you all these aspects and to communicate my passion for wine and gastronomy! 


NB : Wine is all about passion! However, it contains alcohol, and too much alcohol is dangerous for your health. So you have to stay moderate in your consumption ( as a lot of other things not strictly supervised by law). Take care of you!

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