The WSET level 1



This course marks the starting point of your entry into the world of the WSET! It is certifying, fast, and playful. It is indeed the only one not to need for preparative work.
The course takes place over a 6-hour day, with a 30-question MCQ test in 45 minutes. You will need a minimum score of 70% to validate this level 1.

6 wines (generally) are tasted in different styles and allow a good starting point to the WSET tasting approach. 

The main goals of the WSET 1

– Learning the foundations for viticulture and vinification

– Develop notions about the main grape varieties and know the main characteristics of the wines that result.

– Understand the main concepts of wine storage and service.

To download the level 1 of the WSET  click here. 


Pass the WSET 1 at Bordeaux

Passing the first level of the WSET means choosing a comfortable way to embark on the WSET universe but also to introduce yourself to the world of wine. This training is basic, playful, despite the fact that many complex topics are viewed. It would give you the lust to see further, with in sight the Level 2 of course! To access the WSET 2 click here.

If you want to pass the level 1 of the WSET on Bordeaux I can be your teacher. I give some curses with the certified APP named Winevox. Feel free to contact me !