Welcome to Bordeaux !

Here you will find some sections dedicated to the city of Bordeaux. 

The subjects treated are linked to wines and gastronomy. But if you also are interested about art, architecture or beautiful landscapes, some contents may also interest you! 

Through these different sections you will be able to learn more about the different classifications of Bordeaux, and those that contributed to the myth of the wines of Bordeaux. 

Many appellations of the Bordeaux region are also represented. Also mentioned are a number of wine « chateaux » but also some Restaurants where wine and food pairings might seduce you. 

One other part is entirely dedicated to the Primeurs, the famous system of buying the wines before bottling.  

To encourage you to come and visit this beautiful region some selected pieces of Bordeaux and its areas will convince you! 

Finally, a last part is devoted to the main wine events  in Bordeaux and which allow you to enjoy your trip while tasting the great wines of the region. 

Sections :

The author’s word : 

Bordeaux is my city and I explore it since I am a child. Still today I continue to discover new things, Bordeaux has known huge changements in the last ten years.

Bordeaux is very famous for its wines, and today it is a great destination for turism. But Bordeaux is not only wine, it is also a destination for all lovers of architecture, history, nature…

Through these sections I wanted to bring my feelings to my city, a view that focuses mainly on wines, but not only. This is an opportunity for me to share with you my love for my city and also to express other passions.

Xavier LACOMBE. (xl-vins)


Alcohol abuse is very dangerous for your health.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous and strongly discouraged. Frances’s rates are very strict. See the official website of the French administration by clicking here.

During your tasting visits, do not hesitate to spit out the wine (ask for a spittoon), and if you need it, use valet services ( taxis, private services or VTC).