The WSET level 3


WSET 3 : Présentation

The WSET 3 is a wine formation that offers a broad vision of the world of wine, especially about the main wine regions, the main grape varieties and the production methods. 

It requires preparatory work that must be done before the curses. This recommended working time is about fifty hours and this is a minimum!

Indeed the WSET level 3 need you to retain (among other things) a large number of regions around the world, and the main grape varieties that are grown there. But it also goes into detail as in the processes of winemaking, and certain classifications. For example, you will have to learn about the German classification and its famous « Trockenbeerenauslese »! 

I particularly insist in this preparatory work which must be done before the curses. This means reading and proofreading the book and/or accessing the links that have been communicated to you. This is a prerequisite for your success! Do not underestimate this training, even if you have advanced tasting knowledge (this  is also said for the Level 2). You may be from the wine business, or an expert in your area, but this country may be not present (or juste a little) the day of your test! ! The large number of region names to remember is a real difficulty. To ensure the preparatory work is to offer oneself the opportunity to succeed!

It is not necessary to have the WSET Level 2 to pass Level 3 but I strongly recommend it: This allows you to introduce yourself to the WSET tasting approach and gives you a good introduction about the regions whose names you will need to remember.

Program of the formation 

The training takes place on 5 days.

At the end of the last day the exam is divided into 2 units, theoretical and practical, which must be independently validated.   This means that you must pass these 2 units to validate the WSET Level 3. 

The theoretical part contains 2 sub-parts and takes place over 2 hours:
            – Part MCQ: 50 questions to answer (out of 50 points).

           – One part short answers: 4 questions requiring a short answer are asked. They have the same rating scale (25 points per question)

The practical part consists of a blind tasting: 2 wines are tasted blind and must be commented according to the tasting approach of the WSET (don’t worry, we don’t ask you to state which wine it is, but to comment the wine according to the WSET tasting standards you will have learned in class). You have 30 minutes for that, which is more than sufficient to be done.

If the tasting part is often the most feared, the other parts of the exam contain difficulties and the surest way to obtain this diploma is to have worked well in advance. We can’t repeat it enough!

To obtain your WSET 3 you must therefore validate each of the 2 theoretical and practical parts with at least 55%. This means that you must get at least 55% in theory and 55% in practical tasting. If you fail one of the two parts, your diploma can not be validated (but you will only have to repass the failed part).

The goals of the WSET 3

To download the different modalities of the WSET 3 here is the official link available here.  
At the end of this curses, and if you have successfully passed your tests, you will be graduated of the WSET Level 3 (with a magnificent pine!). Then you will have the opportunity to continue to Level 4. To learn more about the WSET Level 4 click here.

WSET 3 distinction

Pass The WSET level 3 on Bordeaux

If you want to pass your  WSET 3 please do not hesitate to contact me. I am in collaboration with the Winevox center which is accredited by the WSET. It offers courses throughout the year in Bordeaux but also around.