The WSET Level 2

Présentation of the WSET 2

The WSET Level 2 is a course that requires a minimum of preparative work and this work must be done before the beginning of the courses.

Vous êtes peut-être issu du milieu du vin, ou très calé dans votre région, mais il se peut très bien que votre région ne soit pas (ou peu) présente dans les questions le jour de votre examen ! S’assurer le travail préparatoire c’est s’offrir la possibilité de réussir !

This is really important because this level 2 asks you to retain many regions that may not speak to you. The recommended working time is 11 hours. This is a minimum. It mainly consists of reading the book and/or accessing the links you have received. This is a prerequisite for your success! Do not underestimate this training because even if you have advanced tasting knowledge you may fail (this reminder is also for level 3).

It is not necessary to have the Level 1 to pass the Level 2 but I advise you to go through Level 1 if you are just starting to get interested in the world of wine as it will allow you to familiarize yourself with the approach of the WSET.

The training takes place in 3 full days and during which about forty (approximately) wines are tasted. This is 17 hours, and at the end of the last day an exam is held.This exam is a MCQ of 50 questions to complete in 1 hour. A minimum score of 55% is expected to validate this exam.

The goals of the WSET 2

Modalities of the WSET 2 are available on the official WSET website and directly available by clicking here

The WSET Level 2 mainly covers 6 aspects :

– Environmental factors, main viticultural practices, and their influence on the style and quality of wines

– The impact of wine making and ageing in the bottle on the style and the quality of the wine

– Understanding the influence of environmental factors, different winemaking practices, wine making and ageing in bottles on the style and the quality of wine produced

– Knowledge of the different styles and quality of wines produced from the main grape varieties of the world’s main wine regions.

– Understanding the production processes of sparkling and fortified wines

– To have the basis for the preservation and service of wine, as well as for food and wine pairings.

After this formations and its test you will obtain the grade of the level 2 (plus one beautiful pin’s!). You will be ready to continue with the Level 3. If you want read about the WSET 3 you can click-here.

WSET 2 distinction

Pass the WSET level 2 at Bordeaux

If you want to pass the WSET Level 2  on Bordeaux I can be your teacher ! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.