BORDEAUX Primeurs 2018 : Top 15

Here is my post about the 15 most beautiful wines I tasted on the 2018 vintage (on approximately 600 wines tasted). 

These wines are for me the beauty of Bordeaux and the beauty of 2018. All of them are extremely qualitatives and perfectly express their Terroir. They have this special plus giving to the wine world its meaning: the emotion. 

Enjoy reading ! 

Château Haut-Brion 2018. 1er Grand Cru Classé 1855. Appellation Pessac-Léognan

Château Haut-Brion 2018 : 98-99+/100

Incredible nose, very deep, complex and rich at the same time. A multitude of little dark fruits, some gooseberries and a thin touch of licorice. On the palate, a rich, pronounced texture but especially refined. This refined part particularly expresses itself in the length, very long.

Château Haut-Brion is a building of complexity and this is the best descriptor for me. 

The seven  wines showed on this picture and produced by the Haut-Brion staff have a very impressive quality !

Vieux Château Certan 2018. Appellation Pomerol

Vieux Château Certan 2018 : « Palace Gourmet »

We are immediately absorbed into a complex and gourmand universe of black fruits (blackcurrant and plum) with a perfect maturity. Fresh and rich, the impressive deepness of the blend transports the mind. On the palate the quality is exceptional and no matter of the richness, the balance is perfect : gourmand, deep and elegant at the same time. Such a soft and refined texture ! There is only one way to conclude: Pomerol’s charm is definitely in the 2018 of Vieux Château Certan ! 

Château Lafite 2018. 1er Grand Cru Classé 1855. Appellation Pauillac

Château Lafite 2018: 98-99+/100 « The Galaxy »

A very impressive wine. After the first smell all was dark like the night, but after aeration and after taking time, another dimension came: gradually one little light, like a star, illuminated all this darkness. Then a second one, then others, and others! At the end I had this incredible feeling: contemplating the Galaxy! 

« Dark » is for the black fruits, plum and blackcurrants who are very deep and dominants. I also find a little part of red cherries. « Light » is for the freshness and the feeling to see the different fruits, one by one illuminating in my mind by themselves. The blend is completed by the spices, especially black pepper adding complexity. Tannins are magnificent, very small and well-shaped. The length is really long. 

This was a very complex, concentrated …and captivating moment !

Château Margaux. 1er Grand Cru Classé 1855. Appellation Margaux

Château Margaux 2018: 98-99+/100

Enchantment, this is my first feeling when I taste it. The chararectistical floral part of Margaux’s wines that we love is in this wine. Violets and very fresh roses. Then, we pass into a more powerful dimension. Black fruits especially blackcurrant are very shining. This is the sign of a perfect maturity. On the palate the texture is a beauty, very elegant, like velvet. A soft and fresh herbaceous part is also present on a long and complex length. Beautiful tannins, fine and present. The balance in this wine is perfect, the potential of aging huge, this wine is the definition of refinement. 

2018 of Châteaux Margaux gives stars in the eyes ! 

Château Smith Haut Lafitte 2018. Grand Cru Classé des Graves. Appellation Pessac-Léognan

Château Smith Haut Lafitte 2018: 96-97+/100

This wine is distinguish with a very elegant texture. Deep on the nose, delicate on the palate. All the signs for a great wine are in this 2018 of Château Smith Haut Lafitte. Delicacy with redfruits ( especially gooseberries and raspberries) who are really well integrated to little black fruits. Soft spices and herbaceous notes add complexity on a long and precise length, lovely balanced. 

Already beautiful and masterpiece in the next years. A big wine is coming ! 

Château Cheval-Blanc 2018. Appellation Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé "A"

Château Cheval-Blanc 2018: 98-99/100

Subtle blend between plum, gooseberries, violets and black pepper. The texture is beautiful,  like a velvet. This wine is very precise and highly worked. At this level we can talk about « winesmith » (silversmith) ! A huge freshness on the palate and a little crunchy part take us in another dimension. Complex length, magical and gourmand. 

This 2018 of Château Cheval-Blanc is definitely a jewel ! 

Château Ausone 2018. Appellation Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé "A"

Château Ausone 2018: 98+/100

Exceptional floral dimension!. This wine is more than a wine. It is a real bouquet! Composed of a lot of flowers,  different varieties of roses, violets, and in the middle of this bouquet we find many little fruits: blackcurrants, redcurrants… on the palate there is a distinguish finesse of some coffee notes. The length is very long, quite powerful. A very complex wine with a high personality: masterful without artifices.

Château La Conseillante 2018. Appellation Pomerol

Château La Conseillante 2018: 98/100

On the nose 2018 of Château La Conseillante is charming and immers us in the universe of the great wines of Pomerol. Beautiful floral notes, the perfume of violets is quickly blended by black fruits, who are very fresh and shining (majority of blackberries and blackcurrant). On the palate nice freshness, lovely texture, perfectly balanced and a tannic structure very fine, without excess. La Conseillante 2018 is very big ! 

Château Calon Ségur 2018. 3ème Grand Cru Classé 1855. Appellation Saint-Estèphe

Château Calon Ségur 2018: 98+/100

Instantanly deep, the opulence of black fruits is impressive. Full body this wine is both gourmand and complex:  black fruits dominating with some red fruits, a fine touch of fresh grass, and also some salinity. Tannins are particularly fine and elegant. Such a lovely texture! A lot of freshness and  a structured length, long and very well balanced. It never ends to unfold… like a red carpet ! This 2018 of Château Calon Ségur confirms all expectations about it. 

Château Léoville Las Cases 2018. 2ème Grand Cru Classé 1855. Appellation Saint-Julien

Château Léoville Las Cases 2018 : 98+/100

We start with floral notes, then we continue on the fruits, gooseberries then blackcurrant and blackberries. Such an harmony, and above all, such an elegance! Texture is incredible, the tannins are extremely fine and well shaped.  Beautiful finish, still very mastered: fresh from the quality of the fruits, hot from the vintage. A long length with light hints of licorice and black pepper. Château Léoville Las Cases 2018 invites to meditation and the experience of a very big wine. It will across the ages in a masterful way ! 

Château Angélus 2018. Appellation Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé "A"

Château Angélus 2018: 98/100

Both complex and charming. Dominant black fruits, a crunchy part appears and brings lightness, finesse to the whole. This part is highly mastered and is an indication of the care given to the quality and maturity of the fruits. Like a gourmet restaurant, some winemakers could be starred! This wine is already seductive but no doubt about a superb dimension with time. With a fine floral touch on the length we can only conclude Château Angélus 2018 is beautiful !

Château Pavie 2018. Appellation Saint-émilion Grand Cru Classé "A"

Château Pavie 2018: 98/100

Extremely deep on the nose. A lot of black fruits offers a range both complex and very rich. Spices are also present on the first nose. On the palate it is elegant despite a massive part of tannins. In addition to blackcurrant and blackberries, red fruits can be felt, raspberries and gooseberries. Such a wealth of fruits! Beautiful control of a complex and powerful blend, Château Pavie signs a big  2018 and will be colossal in the ages.

Château Cos d'Estournel 2018. 2ème Grand Cru Classé 1855. Appellation Saint-Estèphe

Château Cos d’Estournel 2018: 98/100

Very deep on the nose and full body on the palate. The texture is very elegant like a fashion show of « haute couture »: gooseberries, blackcurrant, blackberries are the stars. The blend is mastered on a long length with a nice freshness. Château Cos d’Estournel 2018 mark us with its elegant texture. It will be a part of the best wines of the property, for sure. 

Château Montrose 2018. 2ème Grand Cru Classé 1855. Appellation Saint-Estèphe

Château Montrose 2018: 97-98/100

Deep nose with black fruits and some fine notes of truffles and licorice. Gourmand and complex on the palate. Drying finish, mastered by medium sized and ripe tannins. Beautiful. The texture on the palate is very pleasant, slightly velvet and the quality of the fruits is superb. Château Montrose 2018 is really very successful!

Château Pontet-Canet 2018. 5ème Grand Cru Classé 1855. Appellation Pauillac

Château Pontet-Canet 2018 : 97+/100

 Pure and élégant.

Pure because of its floral dimension and its shining fruits. Red fruits are dominants, especially raspberries and redcurrant but we also find some blackberries. It is particularly yummy ! 

Elegant for the fineness of its tannins and its structure. On the palate the texture has an exceptional finesse and a little part of minerality.  Freshness characterizes a long finish with a slight and very appreciable dryness.

Despite considerable losses on the vines, Château Pontet-Canet 2018 performs on this vintage with an amazing aromatic expression ! 

The end

I hope that you have enjoyed this article as I appreciated to write it and taste these beautiful wines ! 

Other great wines could be mentioned on this post. I stopped at 15.

 I have not tasted Château Pétrus, Le Pin, Lafleur et Mouton-Rothschild on this vintage but do not hesitate to find reviews about them, they are widely recognized as exceptional too. 

Other articles about 2018 are also available on my blog : 

Thanks to all the properties for their nice welcoming !